Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned Pregnancy?

We know these times can be tough, please know that we are here and we care about you.

Over 18 Years of Placement Experience

At Adoption Miracles, we understand the difficult decisions incorporated into an unplanned pregnancy Tampa. If you are considering adoption, choosing which adoption professional to use may be your most important decision. You must trust that your needs will be considered and met at every step along the way. Placing a child for adoption is difficult, but it is also a heroic and selfless choice.

At Adoption Miracles, we truly care about what happens to our birth families throughout the adoption process, and after. so, we strive to personalize every adoption, to make this process what you need it to be. We want you to be at peace with your decision, and we are here to help you before, during, and after your adoption. We provide case management and counseling services to help you with medicaid/food stamps, transportation needs, clothing, obtaining your educational goals, career placement, housing needs, and any other services you may need along the way. We also provide for all your living expenses to include rent, utilities, clothing, transportation, food, as well as any medical expenses you may have.

Out of the System, Into a Permanent Home

Select and Meet the Adoptive Parents

Receive Photo and Letter Updates

Counseling Available Free of Charge

We may not know who you are yet, just know we care about you.

. We develop an individualized adoption plan for every expectant parent.